Display Screen Equipment Assessment

Display screen equipment (DSE) is any work equipment having a screen that displays information. Typical examples are computer screens, often called monitors or visual display units (VDUs).  DSE has become one of the most common kinds of work equipment but can be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pains, fatigue and eyestrain. These aches and pains are sometimes called upper limb disorders (ULDs) or repetitive strain injuries (RSI). These problems can be avoided by following good practice.

What do businesses need to do?

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 came into force on 1st January 1993 (some minor changes were made in 2002). These regulations were created to minimise the health risks to workers and briefly require employers to:

  • Analyse workstations to assess and reduce risks
  • Ensure workstations meet specified minimum requirements
  • Plan work activities so that they include breaks or changes of activity
  • Provide eye and eyesight tests on request, and special spectacles if needed
  • Provide information and training

How can Universal Safety Solutions help?

Universal Safety Solutions can conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace to highlight any potential risks and advise remedial action in order to ensure your company is fully compliant with current regulations. Taking good care of the comfort and health of your workforce helps to minimise time taken off sick and can increase productivity.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment for your Display Screen Equipment risk assessment.