An Introduction to Food Safety and Food Safety Training

What do managers, supervisors and employees need to know about food safety training?

When you are running a food business, it can be something of a maze to figure out exactly whatIntroduction to Food Safety and Hygiene Training  your teams require in the way of food safety training. You are the expert in developing food excellence, and getting it to your chosen market. However, you can’t be expected to know all this stuff about Level 1, Level 2, HACCP, CIEH and EHOs, you just want to concentrate on the Food!

Over the next few months, it is my intention to write a number of articles attempting to demystify some of these food safety training requirements. Additionally, I’ll help you to confidently map out a sensible solution for food safety in your business and your team’s training requirements. You need the confidence that you have invested the correct knowledge, skills and experience in your people. This will enable them to develop the competence to match yours in driving your business to sustained success.

Which organisations are accredited food safety training awarding bodies?

For many years the “Gold Standard” for food safety training has been set and maintained by the Highfield Accredited Food Safety Training Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (the CIEH).  In recent months, though, the Food Safety world has been coming to terms with the fact that the CIEH has withdrawn from accrediting food safety training.

Here at Universal Safety Solutions, over many years, we have concentrated on providing food businesses with a full range of approved Food Safety training solutions to enable them to meet their moral and legal obligations to customers and employees.

Continuing with our mission of providing excellence in Food Safety, Universal Safety Solutions is now an accredited training partner for the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC). All our courses can be accredited by the HABC, which offers multiple qualifications across a whole host of subject areas. Many of Highfield’s qualifications are regulated qualifications and thus recognised by regulatory bodies such as Ofqual (in England), Qualifications Wales and SQA Accreditation (in Scotland).

The HABC has established a worldwide reputation for excellence in supporting and developing Level 2 Food Safety Training Food Safety, Health & Safety, Fire and First Aid training. The HABC currently work with thousands of Centres including governments, colleges, councils, household brand names and both large and small training providers across the globe.

Our HABC accredited food safety training courses can be tailored to meet your particular needs and will ensure that you have confident and competent food handlers, whatever their level of involvement with food.

Our range of approved food safety training courses can be delivered either within your workplace or at our Tewkesbury main office in Gloucestershire or at one of our training centres throughout the UK.

So, tell me about the different levels of food safety training?

Level 1 – Induction

This provides people from all food sectors with an overview of basic food hygiene to enable them to produce safe food, usually when they start their employment in a food business. It can also provide a useful overview for people with a passing relationship to food in their job, where they might periodically handle, but not necessarily prepare food, so examples might be teachers, residential staff, community groups

Level 3 Food Hygiene Training for Supervisors
Level 2 – Basic

Provides food handlers with a full working awareness of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce.

Level 3 – Supervisory

Provides supervisors with knowledge of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce. Also a knowledge of the legislation applicable to food safety, and how to communicate the required standards to their teams.

Level 4 – Management

It provides managers with a full knowledge of food safety and hygiene which coupled with the procedures and standards required will ensure safe and hygienic food is served at all times. Additionally, the all-important due diligence can be observed to protect the consumer and the business.

If you run a food business then you may be interested in attending a food safety course, for yourself or your team members. Level 4 Food Safety Training for Managers Review our course schedule for forthcoming course dates, venues and costs. If you don’t see a venue/dates that meet your requirement or would like to have a course delivered in-company then please contact us in order to discuss your particular requirements.

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Warren Ingham-Barrow
Senior Consultant

Universal Safety Solutions Ltd.